Gyan Bindu Online Infrastructure To Mitigate Corona

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The world has witnessed amazing changes across industries and the way they function, considering the outbreak of the declared pandemic Covid-19. The deadly virus has infected millions across the globe, with the bigger challenge being no clear and visible solution to stop the spread of disease and start of average household or business activities – apart from imposing lockdowns and maintaining social distancing.

Gyan Bindu Online Infrastructure To Mitigate Corona

We at Gyan Bindu Online do not see things staying the same in the future even after Corona Virus’s subsides. Therefore our team has already started to enhance our online teaching infrastructure further. A significant emphasis has been placed on setting up a fully integrated online infrastructure to help students stay on top of their studies without delays or postponing lectures, tests, or doubt sessions.

We want to cover more around the initiatives that we have taken as an academy to provide our students ‘the best in-class online experience to mitigate the Corona lockdown & potential changes that we foresee in our education industry:

  1. Setting up a fully dedicated Online website

Gyan Bindu Online will soon launch a new & fully integrated website for the students to purchase and access online study material, test series, Online Lectures, etc. That will ensure all our online material is available under one roof, making it easy for our students to buy our services or interact with our academy.

  1. Mobile application for all online content delivery

Students can access all about their classes, attempt online tests, take online lectures, view recorded lectures, assessments, etc., with a button on their smartphones. All this ensures the safety of our students in circumstances like Covid -19 but also helps them stay on top of their regular studies and practice plans.

  1. Multiple test series for best preparations

We are further enhancing the delivery modes of our test series to ensure students can test their knowledge and keep receiving timely & valuable follow-ups on assessments. That shall help students to achieve better results.

  1. Availability of recorded online lectures

Students will have access to a bigger pool of recorded online lectures, which further helps them to enhance their subject understanding and sharpen concepts. This will be a major focus area for Gyan Bindu Online in the coming weeks.

To ensure the above runs successfully, we must have the best of the technology at our disposal. Therefore we have lined up a new website, ERP & mobile app, which will enhance our student experience and help achieve our long-term objectives while we meet our immediate challenges during the Corona period.

We are always open as an academy to answer student/ parent questions and will be happy to hear from our readers more about the above or any course-related queries – please write to us at or call us at 93130 33399 for details.

Meanwhile, stay home, and stay safe.

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