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CSIR NET Life Science Online Coaching Classes 2023

Join Online video and offline courses for UGC NTA CSIR NET Life Science Coaching 2023 exams here. Enroll in the CSIR NET Life Science online coaching classes now.

GYAN BINDU Online is a premium institute active in the coaching industry for the past 2 decades and helping students pan-India prepare and crack the prestigious CSIR NET Life Sciences exams.

Because of the rising dreams and aspirations of the nation’s thrust towards life science, our primary focus is to provide a world-class education to the young brigade of our country.

We strongly emphasize the continuity of the learning process at our center rather than isolating students only for exam preparation.

We are training CSIR NET Life Sciences, GATE, IIT-JAM, CEEB & Physics aspirants at the interface of multiple disciplines to create high-quality human resources in biotechnology.

Students of various disciplines, including Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Biochemistry, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Genetics, Biomedical Science, Bioscience, Environmental Science, Bioinformatics, and Pharmacy have been successfully trained at the center.

We are among the pioneers in the country to start with our complete online study series for CSIR NET Life Sciences.

Our accomplished and highly professional teachers and mentors help students with the same quality and depth of teaching which we aim for in our regular classroom coaching.

As part of the online courses, we provide live online & recorded lectures, topic-wise exhaustive and sufficient study material, online test series (designed keeping the actual exams in mind), and dedicated doubt sessions by our competitive class faculty.

Gyan Bindu Online gives students well-defined and structured live classes, comprehensive study material which is easy to understand and comprehend, creating lasting concepts, and well-covered test series helping students develop temperament and competitiveness for national exams.

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Online Classes (Study from Home, Office, or While in Travel)


M.Sc Botany / Zoology

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How We Teach

Structured Educational Programs

In our courses, we strive to combine all aspects you need for your project, including:

  • Analytics of possible solutions
  • Training of practical skills
  • Project management
  • Promotion & Marketing
CSIR net life science online coaching

What You Get


New Skills

Relevant and in-demand skills in the field of expertise that you choose, with the practical training on real projects



After passing the final testing, you’ll get a certificate of expertise proving your skills and knowledge


Job Opportunities

Most of our students work with partner companies during education and get job offers from them


New Courses

Passing one course grants you access to follow-up courses to further increase your expertise