Book Summary

In recent years the importance of JRF-NET has grown tremendously and this book is compiled tocover the need of students preparing for the same organized by CSIR-UGC.There was not a single book of solved previous years JRF-NET life sciences question papers available in the market to cater the need of students attempting to clear this prestigious exam.This is a nascent attempt and sincere attempt to consolidate previous five years solved question papers of JRF-NET conducted by CSIR-UGC. The questions are sourced from memory based as well as original question papers.
This book will also help the students to get a competitive edge inother competitive examinations such as GATE, TIFR, DBT, ICMR, ICAR, IISc, JNU,BHU, DU, Civil services, Indian Forest service, PCS etc.

Since the JRF-NET is conducted in June and December, twice in year so there are a total of ten question papers from June 2015 to June 2019. The June question paper is followed by the December question paper of the same year. The answer key to each question paper is given at the end of the paper individually.

CSIR Question Papers with Month & Year

  1. 1-DECEMBER I- 2019
  2. Explanation December I-2019
  3. 2-DECEMBER II- 2019
  4. Explanation December II-2019
  5. 3-JUNE – 2019
  6. Explanation June 2019
  7. 4-DECEMBER – 2018
  8. Explanation December 2018
  9. 5-JUNE 2018
  10. Explanation June 2018
  11. 6-DECEMBER – 2017
  12. Explanation December 2017
  13. 7-JUNE – 2017
  14. Explanation June 2017
  15. 8-DECEMBER – 2016
  16. Explanation December
  17. 9-JUNE – 2016
  18. Explanation June
  19. 10-DECEMBER – 2015
  20. Explanation December
  21. 11-JUNE – 2015
  22. Explanation December