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Globally mankind has not seen anything that has impacted the world so drastically in the past ten decades more than outbreak of Corona Virus. It started in a small city of Wuhan, China but engulfed the whole world with 190+ countries reporting people being infected with the virus.

Corona Virus has forced major changes around functioning of industries and people are still learning & wondering how the new world will look like after this goes. In India, we see the impact of the virus fully taking up now with lockdowns declared in multiple parts of the country and precautions being undertaken to make sure we minimize the safety issues and loss of life – with an addition of 19 days of lockdown already declared by the prime minister.

In this difficult period, we all need to play our roles effectively, therefore at Gyan Bindu Academy (premier institute for CSIR NET LIFE SCIENCES Regular & Online Classes and IIT-JAM Online Classes), we started executing the precautions directed by the government & have been trying to run our faculty, students, & their parents trough the prescribed to dos and what needs to be avoided.

Having said that, in the matter of weeks, it has changed our education industry and with the institutes being closed till May 3, 2020 (most likely to be extended further!), the institutes and students need to be innovative around how we make sure this has limited impact on studies and overall session planning & preparation.

Keeping that in mind, Gyan Bindu Academy has swiftly moved and adopted technology to the full – with all our assignments, study material, online tests, recorded lectures and potentially classes to go live on our mobile app & website. We expect our students also to whole heartedly adopt technology and start accessing our online infrastructure and access discussion forums to keep their normal education going!

Our faculty & staff have been engaging with students, their parents & our technology partners to ensure that new session runs smoothly. Considering our 2 decade long education experience and exposure to varied scenarios, we foresee a new norm where students will look for a balance between offline and online classes, and therefore our institute is ready in the event of any aftershocks that Corona bring or other unpredictable developments since we would not want learning to stop.

Daily we are getting multiple calls & enquiries from parents/students asking about sessions and how we are mitigating the new unexpected developments. Feel free to connect with us in case you also have any questions around the same, write on or call us on 93130 33399 to know more about any question that you have on mind.

Please follow our above indicated and government prescribed precautions, and stay home, stay safe!