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With the advent of COVID-19, one thing that changed most is the movement of education from a room to the world of internet, with online live classes becoming the norm and next big thing in our quest to continue with the education.

At Gyan Bindu Academy, we have been undertaking online live classes for a few years now and understand adoption of new technologies and methodologies is not that easy – for both faculty and students.

While our faculty has adapted to it beautifully and are fully equipped to give a world class online teaching experience to the students, but I would today like to focus on etiqqutes that students may adopt to maximize their learning experience from online classes since for many this may be their first exposure to this massive shift.

To keep things simple and easy, let me run you through the major to dos for great online learning experience:

  1. Be in time for the class

We always knew our class timings before hand and use to travel accordingly – braving the heat & traffic on the road still use to reach in time. In case of online classes, since we know we just need to switch on the system/ app/ camera and get started, we many a times get in the class late. We got be extra cautious that are ready with our notepads, and other material may be 5 minutes before start of the class to avoid any last moment delays owing to internet speed, slow start of the system etc.

  1. Stay attentive

While in the class we know there are limited distractions but a big challenge is if we are at home there may be people around, net speed being a bit slow, external noise and so on, we got to ensure that we stay attentive and ideally take class from a peaceful part of our house where the speed of the net is also decent. Online it’s very easy to loose attention; therefore we got to be on top every minute. 

  1. Maintain decorum while class is on

Taking from my last point, while being attentive, please do maintain discipline and decorum in the class. There are both one way and two way online classrooms, in case of a two way, we should ensure to not break teacher rhythm while he is teaching, put our audio & videos off for bulk of the class to avoid any distractions, ideally raise hands (if the technology allows) to ask question or keep it for the end (or better for the doubt session).

These decorum points will help run a smooth and quality teaching session. 

  1. Ask doubts, but under per defined process

Do ensure we are on top of our studies and ask doubts in case there is something not clear, but like I said earlier stick to the defined process and ask that once the teacher finishes or may be in the defined doubt session/ time period.

  1. Prepare self-notes

Although you have access to recorded video lectures, but it’s always healthy & advisable to create and maintain your own notes while taking the classes. That will always help you stay on top of the studies and subject and results in great preparations. 

  1. Create a follow-up plan

Finally, you must have a self created follow-up plan. For every subject that you are studding online, ensure you revise the topic thoroughly after the online classes and create a follow-up plan – could be through online test series, study material etc.

The above are a few targeted yet high level pointers that we consider most important for the students to follow while they are in the process of taking online classes. There are many additional points that could help to achieve best return from these and we will be happy to run you through them.

Feel free to write to us on or call us 93130 33399 to understand more on above or in general to check how we are doing on the faculty side and ensuring students have best online learning experience around CSIR NET, GATE, IIT-JAM/M.SC. Entrance classes and so on. Our batches are starting from June 15, 2020, let’s connect and create a success plan.

Meanwhile remember - Stay Home, Stay Safe.